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Modern impression - leading leather fashion g

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Modern impression - leading leather fashion g

Individuals can play a useful role to protect the environment? According to the Climate Change Assessment Report released by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, greenhouse gas emissions from human activities (mainly carbon dioxide) is the main cause of global warming.

Recently, a popular online personal carbon emissions Calculator ". According to calculations, in China a city white-collar carbon emissions by up to 2000 tons. Off the face of such astonishing "personal power", "low-carbon family lifestyle quietly popular.

Environmentally friendly call: do not buy clothes in the year "," low-carbon life, from the 'prime', "to find happiness in the low-carbon" ... similar to the title in the major portal sites, Internet forums everywhere. "Low carbon" in the political, economic, industrial and other fields, it also became a proactive philosophy of environmental protection, an obligation, a kind of fashion.

The rise of the green fabric

The smell of gunpowder in the Copenhagen climate conference has not yet fully receded, the world's major "green fashion show has been playing the" green fabric "campaign. Soft, good permeability bamboo fiber and biodegradable natural material and so became the darling of the hands of designers. In last year's China International Fashion Week spring and summer series, Chinese designer liangzi on buttercup silk to save this disappearing ancient fabric. Buttercup silk production process is very complicated, but it is soaked with plant juices, pure hand-made liangzi call it "unique in the world of green fabric".

Environmental hot cyclone swept through not only fashion week, also swept all major brands of environmentally friendly new trend. In addition to the use of linen, cereal fiber and other raw materials to advocate environmentally friendly manner, the GUESS also introduced organic cotton, environmentally friendly jeans, and named to "GUESSGreen". Detailed in this series of products, "green" concept to even the label is also printed by one hundred percent recycled paper and soy ink. LVMH EDUN brand not only all organic cotton, production line will be moved to Africa and teach local residents planting, sewing, textile and other technology. Environmentalists have criticized the "fast fashion" clothing update too fast resulting in waste also began to actively carry out environmental cause, on behalf of the brand H new environmental series uses organic cotton, organic wool, and reuse the wool and other environmentally friendly fabrics, and hanging out The specific trademark for "low carbon" up to facilitate the purchase of environmentally friendly clothing

.Environmental dialogue fur

While the world is in full swing "anti-fur, anti-leather" green movement, GUCCI CEO PatrizioDiMarco put forward different views. He believes that the luxury goods industry with its many features, do not agree even for environmental protection has contributed to less use of crocodile leather; contrast, the fur may be more environmentally friendly. 85% of the world's fur raw materials from animal husbandry, which is not in the normal range of animal protection. The fur-generated chemical composition of water, protein, fat, inorganic salts, and carbohydrates. In other words, such a fur buried in the ground, after one month will be completely dissolved, there is no pollution. Currently on the market Artificial Leather grass fabric are a mixture of many types of chemical fiber, usually including the Department of denaturing polyacrylamide nitrile fiber and polyester fiber. Low production price, but Leather grass, imitation leather is not easy degradation of the environment caused by pollution. It seems that the fur seems to be the best choice of the "Low Carbon Pioneers" keep out the cold.

The face of the rhetoric of the fur business, some environmentalists have raised the question: fur sales behind that of animal cruelty and killing. It is reported that 404 fur farms in the United States, producing 2.7 million animals. But this can hardly satisfy the needs of the fashion brand leather. Therefore, there are 160,000 licensed hunters rely on the killing of animals for a living, animals killed each year to reach 4 million.

Faced with the contradiction between fashion and environmental protection, the Global Environment Fund and the World Bank and the World Nature Conservation Union (IUCN) jointly launched a plan to "save your mark". The program aims to encourage private organizations or companies involved in the biological protect their trademarks. Alligator become the world's first international brand to join the program, integrated into the fashion and the environment through the protection of rare crocodile species, and other activities with.

Cyclic use of old clothes

"Low-carbon family" concept is not an ascetic life. Therefore, if the closet without a "non-green" clothing is not realistic. Reduce the purchase of new clothes, recycling old clothes become the "low-carbon persons" is the most direct and most effective environmentally friendly way. Stars regain their old clothes to attend the public has become a kind of "alternative fashion". Recently held a number of "green fashion show on the old suit and a face-lift into the chic design of the bag, re-cut the blink of an eye become a gorgeous evening of dyeing and printing of old wedding ...

Donghua University, School of Design Professor Bian Xiangyang said in an interview, to be truly environmentally friendly clothing brand manufacturers should abandon the old model of simply relying on the amount of profit, and should actively explore new profit model, such as the establishment of a used clothes collection company to classify, process, and re-use of clothing and garbage, set up a special department to guide consumers with the use or exchange of old clothes. It is reported that, in the streets of Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities, there have been some high-end clothing and accessories second-hand shops, rental shops. According to British media reports, if consumers take full advantage of each piece of clothing, the annual savings of £ 47,000,000,000 $ 77,414,000,000 for consumers. Therefore, second-hand shops, rental shops for "low carbon" advocates regarded as a good "green" choice.