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En-rising,as a leading of the leather product manufacturing and salesenterprise, with more than 10 years of leather manufacturing businessexperience, have set up a perfect product system, lean strength to make manystar product, occupy the important situation in the sofa leather field. Basedon technical innovation and excellence of interactive platform use, well risecontinue to create new product, new technology, to develop the new technology. 

At present, We owns a perfect product system,divided into "super fine leather, temperature change color leather,elastic leather, breathe freely revolution" in four series. This series ofbreakthrough product not only is of far-reaching significance and impressive,and its continue to developing. The parks of product quality, mature technologyresearch and development, by the industry favored customers; Among them, highdensity, superfine fiber, elastic PU synthetic leather is good at the renownedin the industry